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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  December 18, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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up nex ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin. this is "life, liberty and levin." we have two tremendous guests, mollie hemingway and victor davis hanson. we have a lot of ground to cover. before w ge do. m i wantol to mention a new things relates to biden crime family. reminder. there are questions whether
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joe biden used his public office and positionen to rich himself and his family to oppor tune of over 30 million dollars, he and family members received millions, from foreign governments and frontt corporations, in china, russia, ukraine. and other places. we have hunter biden laptop.en amazing thing, loaded with evidence. that fbi has ignored and hav media covered up and witnesses like walensky whon were othn record publicly and a did a language interview with fbi and never contactedal again, and other potential witnesses and actors in the e-mails there are dates and times, and transactions. really anything you would need. and we have r treasury
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sar report, which treasury department is withholding from the republicans in the house of representatives but they have some on u.s.of senate. joe biden said, duringe ca course of campaign he has overha in discussed hunter'snter overseas business dealings, joe biden is a pathological liar, he did. 51 intel and national security so-called expert claim that laptop was russia di disinformation, they had never seen it, they were liars who put letter together. fbi warnedsame about russia disinformation at the same time before the 2020
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eligible met with twitter. they met with facebook, they tried to wave off big tech and oligarchs, from the laptop story. fbi had laptop, for nearly a year, they did nothing. it could verify everything. the big guy, email, may 13, real evidence. the big guy, who is that the t big guy. that is joe biden. 10% from -- for the big guy. for joe biden, it's in the laptop, i'm not making it up. we know that a accounts and finances were commingled. and hunter would pay for things for joe, did joe pay taxethins on that, that was an issue with the trump organization and former cfo, they brought charges because they were gifts that were not reported. how about joe biden has he
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report the gifts? i don't thintsk so. whistleblowers, joe involved in meetings and phone callss involving some of hunter biden linked businesses and pictures with joe biden with certain of hunter biden partners. they raise criminal issues. not saying they are guilty. a they raisere issues of wire fraud, money laundering tax evasion, and conspiracy, and failure to register as foreign age, all kinds of stuff used again other people in past. before we get to that there more. taxes. joe biden prides himself onre releasing his individual income taxes and celebrated for this and taken shots at donald trump ovedr this. it could be because, joe biden has not really released all of his taxes. has >> chrisd jacobs in "wall street journal" sometimed
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ago:ey >> obamacare taxes. medicare taxes. so they pro protected 95% of their income that went through the loop hole, i the s -corp. millions of dollars protected from payroll tax, that is a half million in taxes they otherwise would have paid. here is the problem. they said the s-corps
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represent many they earned from speeches and book righting, how did -- writing, how did we know that? "usa today" said it did, now cam did they know? they cited the biden don campaign web site, we don'tqu know, the question is, why don't they release the tax returns, where did that money come from? bob anderson writing in federalist about a half year or ago so, said:
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>> now, notable 8.7 million dollar gap exists -- >> did any of that money, he is asking, or other overseas income go to joe or jill? would we know if presidented a provided a copy of s corp tax returns? the only detail we have to ag gate numbers respected to their individual returns are those given to us by campaign, by bidens and the p
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press. we know thanksress. to u.s. supreme couro u.t that when republican takeover theic house, they caann get access to joe biden's s corporation returns. all of it. they get access to all of hunter biden's corporate or individual returns. assuming he field taxes, he had his lawyer or his lawyerad paid a million or two to cover his back taxes, thanks to u.s. supreme court,su congress now has the power,th given fact they allowed a a lame duck democrat committeettee of congress two weeks ago to gets 6 years of donald trump's tax returns for no reason. r there cannot be a legislative purpose, they will not be there in a few t weeks. they could get access to nancy pelosi and barack obama's tax returns and michele. and george w. bush's taxd returns and hell even chiefof justice of united states tax
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returns, that you supreme court, what urt.a dumb decision. the door is wide open forr the republican to get returns on private citizens,publ public officials any anything they want. moving on. why am i laying this out?is because of this and "washington post": a radical leftist, brock, he is a m hate on for conservatives and republican party and hate on for trump and all republicans. "washington post" pointsd out that there was a meeting inin september. amonts wasg others, brock and sd of the big wig activists from democrat and liberal side and hunter biden lawyer. kevin morris, were blunt in laying out as "washington post" writes, a strategy session they had on expectedrate on slaught of investigations and how they were guying to fight back. --augh going to fight back,
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scribed possibility of defamation laws they could pursue against thethis president's son's critics, fox news, an eric trump or rudy guliani anyone they want, they have a so-called s.w.a.t. team, this article goes on, group courage for america, a s.w.a.t. time facts first, congressional inti grityed project and white house. all of this are involved in what is a character assassination campaign is against anyone who dares ton speak out against the bidenm crie family or appearinst before a commit i was congress or on a news program. that is called intimidation. you know what else it is? obstruction.
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official effort by congress to conduct an investigation. i wond wonder what merrick f garland will do, purpose to interfere with operations of congress and there is, no need to make a a general threat to prosecutee people for defamation in advance of testimony. because that anticipating an even that has --i events that is yet to happen. it is to have a chilling affect to threaten people and prevent testimony, if i were the lawyer for hunter biden, or hunter biden himself, i would watch what i say, are careful. -- be careful any criminal violation by contempt of congress or extortionallist threat one p prosecuted.
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you get a hold of thi article, you take down names and you find out who is threatening to interfereo with very investigation,th whetheerr that goes to the highest levels of the white house, what to we have here? nicnixon 2, i don't know, but it is troubling and how the hell do you have all this evidence, evidence, o of this kind of activity, of enriching a family, a vice president who becomes president with foreignreig governments and foreign corporations, and serious questions about whetherxe their taxes are accurate. clausecura with the president ot united states whether or nott we have wea man in the oval office who has been b compromised by the communist chinese party, how the hell do you not appoint a speciall to counsel to investigate him,
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not his son, him? how ise that possible, the purpose of the special counsel statute is not to investigate a political opponent. like some third worldr, dictator, not to investigate donald trump. t you never had the appointment of a special count to investigate ant million at opponent like st stalin's sovietrtan empire, the purpose of a special counsel to eliminate the appearance of a conflict within an administration, attorney general appoints a special count it is not believed that attorney general can avoid appearance of conflict. becausely was appointed by the president. here we have a situation, that iatios turned on his head, special count to investigate r documents? ove and concoctions about
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january 6, that somehow he had a role, and you don't have a special counsel in ath mannerat that involves ahi sitting president and his ties to the communist regimeme in i china, and to scre regime and russia and prior a corrupt regimend in ukraine.and and so fo forth ando ounbelievable. >> when we come back, two remarkable individuals will be our guest, mollie hemingway and victor davis back. bu we're proud to serve people everywhere, in investing for the retirement they envision. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive.
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mark: welcome back america, wore here with great mollie hemingway. federalist editor in chief, senior journalist. mollie, how is it possible, that there is not a special counsel to s to investigate joe biden. >> amazing, on two fronts, you don't need a special counts to go against donald trump, o ir have anything going again donald trump right now. over a paperwork dispute that is a common with all presidents when they exit office, appreciate council,e statute is to be when there is a conflict of interest between department of just is and how they are
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investigat someone with ties to their own administration. it ialres unbelievable there has not been one appointed already, bill barr did not appoint one because he gen assumed as soon as democratn administration took over, they would appoint one.. you had main former justice s department officials sayay there needs to be one, investigation of the biden family business is run out ofs the delaware office.e very small. does not have many resources it a complicated topic it is not just hunter biden but other family members and howut i they took money from foreign oligarchs and corrupt regimes and others that iss of interest to the department of justice.u ha mark: you had over 20 p prosecutorros investigating t donald trump. over 20.0 pr when you look at biden crime family over the course ofur severasel years, senator, vice
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president and now president. you point odd we have the t small office thahat is lookingty into matters they report tok mermerrick garland, they get his 6 years of taxes and at local level go after his company. you have. democrats saying, if you investigate hunterle biden, let'st' go after jared and ivanka, the democrat party is corrupt.up >> this ist, a very longstanding problem we had. it almost does not matter who is in charge. they are soy political. -- so political, we learn when biden family business p was under investigation.t corrupt bureaucrats and dc headquarters were shutting down all lines of inquiry, this is domestic corruption and international, at sametime
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time this same department of justice, which run a campaign of destruction w gains trump administration is now relentless in subject uk
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>> kind of bizarre. was really quite passive as attorney general when it o came to investigating bidens or matters, and full throated on tv going after trump on documents, what theocum hell happened. he turned on a dime. if i tur wrong? >> i don't know, i think he did many good things as attorney>> i general, also difficult there is a limit to how much you can do whenul inter department of justice int,here terms of leadership ini is allied in against certain political interests and favor of others, he did really good important stuff, he it has you know, would like to see more of that going forward, i find interesting is that this paperwork dispute thatpres president trump is embroiled in versus department off justice, every should be speaking out against thehis,
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this, this is obviously corrupt, department of justice has no standing tost go against trump after what they did to him, throughout his administration. and everyone, who is world worth anything should be condemning this. >> he is not. i bill barr is out there condemning trump with everything that he has. how can this he department go after trump on, that issue when they neverit c touched hillary clinton on d that issue. she destroyed documents there is no evidence that donald trump destroyed anything. my concern about bill barr is the to which he quite quiet. about the biden matter yet expressive about the trump matter, not lost on anyone, just strange to me, and i'm m trying to figure it out. i guess i can't, when we here is m
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question to you, the threats now, this are made to witnesses, anyone that shows up on tv, this network, should people delve into theiden biden crime family, and follow the evidence where evidence leads, what about that, that seems like obstruction to me. we'll be right back. but there is one van equipped to handle them all. for over 120 years, mercedes-benz vans have been built, upfitted and ready to go. because we believe dreams - should never stay that way.
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>> welcome to fox news live, those of you dreaming of a white christmas may get your wish this weeking forecaster warn it will not make for a merry holiday, the coming snow, the arctic blast, polar ice threatens to bring heavy snow, rain and strong winds. along with record low temperatures. holiday travelers could encounter massive flight delays and treacherous roads. >> accused conman sam bankman-fried to appear in a courtroom tomorrow in the bahamas, he will reportedly stop fighting extradition to u.s., he faces 8 counts of fraud and conspirasy following collapse of sam bankman-fried empire. if convicted he could face 115 years in prison.
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enjoy. mark: welcome back, mollie hemingway, we have "washington post" piece. information provided where barack and morris and others out there naming organizations, raising money, some dark money to threaten witnesses, news organizations, and hosts, who dare to raise issueshost about the bidens. can you imagine if that were case with republicans and january 6 committee?n yo and donald trump if we s we'll start intimidates msnbc and cnn, what is your take? >> if anyone on right announced their plans to obstruct justice by intimidating witnesses or tampering with investigations that would be front page news oni everypo
8:30 pm
network, but here theyhe leaked to "washington post," they got favorable coverage how they will fight any uncover what is going on, this is what they do with everything, they did with, this people investigating russia collusion host, they targeted the investigators they tried to destroy their lives, and same thing with the bret kavanaugh, back to clintn administration. they get away with it because of the corruption of our media, prop propaganda press will help them. mark: you wrote a fantastic book, called, you pointed out and exposed mark zuckerberg from facebook.
8:31 pm
and now you see what is being released from musk's group at twitter, i take it yu are not surprised these big tech oligarchs were working with the fbi and biden campaignarch administration and fauci and the rift. >> this level of electionfa meddling thauct we've learned about from some of these twitter files is a serious threat to the republic. i did write about this in rigged. in 2016, oligarchs said they would never let happen begin what happenet d in 2016,an republicans speaking directly to the people away from our propaganda press in a way that convinced them to the vote for them, they did game playing and censorship campaigns and deplatforming. we're confirming through the release of files it is a serious threat to our election to have this level of meddling from the powerful big tech oligarchs,
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something that republican t party needing to take seriously, and now can do a little bit now they have thele b control over house. threat to the republic and ath threat to the conservative m movement. mark: yet, what is the focus of the republicans right now in senate. sen they are selling out on a massive spending bill, myfi understanding firsrst time in modern american history a lame duck party has pushedough through a massive spendingthat bill that ties hands of new majority coming in for a full fiscal year, this isco leadership onnf mcconnelle and the boys, amnesty bill that iamnes being negotiated.u and yohau have voting 12 for antireligion bill, they call respected marriage act. and before the elections, they votedn, for gun control, that democrats say is first step. what is the mcconnell, l-- legislative agenda?
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>> it is not surprising, republicans fared so farley in mitt terms in senate, given what people seewh happens when youen vote forub republicans, to be iline senate. mitcsenateh mcconnell has not fought or gone against any of the bad moves that you just mentioned. this is a really betrayal of the republican voter, and itit i is not surprising that mitch l is the least popular politician inpu america. he ilas toxic to a powerful republican governing coalition that rips will of -- represents the will of its voters, mitch mcconnell ismcco not on tv except to condemn the republicanir party, he hates them and candidates they choose, you are seeing frustration among senators rubi rubio
8:34 pm
has been tweeting with frustration in how nothingey is being done, they are stuck in 20 years agod republicanof party, they don't h represent the new republica party that including works class voters, so long as they fight thato coalition they will continue to fair poorly in elections.. >> you are 100% right, i would say republicanrepu republicanvati majorities are not conservatives, they are l moderate, and liberalet republicans, you will might hard-core left on 40 yard line he says, mollie, thank yoyou for your courage ando mu brilliance. thank you for being on thech. program. >> thank you.rk : mark: we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back we have a man i call america's wiseman. victor davis hanson whatever he writes is spectacular,he hi is perspectives are great, with the hoover institution. he wrote fantastic books. you have been on top of these issues for a long time. they are playing out. i fear the nation istici unraveling and i fear our politicians are a part of the problem, we have a corrupt media and academia, are we able to pull out of this. >> i am worried as you are. i we're confident that 51% or more of the people reject this neosocialism or whatever you want to call it
8:40 pm
woke impleism.e institutions are run by the woke left. the they exercise a level of influence that is not commiserate with their numbers that has affect of intim dating our politicalle leaders on the right, they feel i don't want a bad review on tv or i would lik tickets or go to oscars, whatevers leveraging is, it is insidious, they don't haveey a confidence we're a center right or conservative nation, they become morally compromised. we don't have enough people speaking out against this wokism, especially our
8:41 pm
leaders. mark: don't know who our leaders are, i watch what is going on in u.s. senate with republican cutting deals with democrats, pushing the agenda and antireligion bill, and massive omnibus bill. they don't want to work with what will be new republicanla majority in thtie house. when you are confronting amocr democrat party which is radicalized, ain't constitutional -- anticonstitutionallist. you talk about meeting themab on theou 40 yard line, wheredoes does that leave us.e >> theusy have no discipline, they can't unite, left never has civil war among theiram ranks, andon they have so much more money than we do now. everyone can't comprehendor that all great fortunes off gr in now silicon valley and
8:42 pm
corporate america are on the left side, we saw this with that crazy saman bankman-fried, and we're out spend they change the voting t laws to bake election day a voting andnd election night counting pastimes that we don'tex experience any more.e. we have a lot of institutional and financialac obstacles tole recreate or remake or recalibrate america, you are right, we saw that in mid terms. we were affective in saying biden destroyed the border or energy independence, but we didn't have a agenda, nobody who was running for office said, when we get in office, even if we can'tif control the executive brancht co we'll build 100 miles of wall in first 3 months oran
8:43 pm
haor and more leasesd th and reopen anwar and keystone, but nobody sai that, almost as if we don't dare say it, i i don't know understand either they were -- you can see with fight over the speaker, the leftthat doesn't do, that yet, people are challenging mccarthy, i'm not saying he is a sainthy but they are, not giving us a viable alternative, they are just fighting and their energy is being wasted, it should be directed to the i lift -- left, we spend so much time giving the left a pass i don't understand it given the damage they have done to the country. mark: why do we think -- we have this republican leadership in senate, seem to bpuble the same over and over again. i am focusing on senate lastso
8:44 pm
3 press conferences mitch mcconnell has trashed trump. my theory is that he, republican establishment, certain republican who want to run in republican primary and media sir gatz, they areot not rail talking to american -- surrogates, they arepa talking tort the prosecutors and department of justice, what mitch mcconnell is saying, gowh ahead and indict trump, do us a favor, take him off the political landscape. i don't like him, i never liked him, i don't like what he said about my wife, so we can press ahead with our nonagenda. why else? >> that explains it, i think also, the establishment has a don't antipathy for him, his background or carer to career prior to politics was
8:45 pm
different from his own, he doesn't care when people saym, about him or he doesn't want to go to white house dinner, he didn't want any of the perks ofs office, as they define it he was uncontrollable. sometimes that lead s to his own excesses, he frightened them, that's thought how do you get to donald trump and you make him listen to us and make him sober and duty dutiful and orthodox. they didn't know. they were terrified of that. they are compromising in a sense that i they want things from the left, theyleft want approval to have o
8:46 pm
occasional, begu begrudging puff piece in new york times they forget who they are representing, they represent majority of americans who feel country is hijacked, they areir looking to them to save it.ho mark: when we come back victor davis hanson, mty question to you is, wouldn't they do the same thing to a roo n desantis or anothersa conservativent in office, i mean the republican establishment,i media and democrats? we'll be right back. in investing for the retirement they envision. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive.
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mark: welcome back america vi vi effect -- hanson.avis they are not giving once donald trump by voice or -- choice or however is off thedesa scene and anothermo conservative comesve in. b >>ip no, i think what wasiq unique aboutue trump, degree of hatred was somewhat more intense. it fool the republicans to
8:51 pm
thinking he was uniquely hated, they forgot when mccain ran they smeared t him. and when mitt romney ran they said he tortured animals, and remember they did with george w. bush. they said he was a br brown shirt and a nazi and dick cheney was darth vader, some of these same people are saying that donald trump is now so excessive. he incurred so much wrath from the left, they forget we were defending them from c the veryor same attacks. every time a republican isim out of office, and has n longer presents a challenge do the left, they cannonnize him. hey. ron desantis, h he is not
8:52 pm
as outspoken or erratic as trump, but believe me, when he sent the immigrants to martha vineyard or took onmart disney or school boards, they hate him, they will tryisne the him the same way they did trump, maybe more sos because heun is unafraid, she is showing peop -- he is showing people he is not a romney figure. he is proving that, that will enrage the left.e thmark: one of your areas ofr ar expertise is immigration, looking at the border, we had millions of more hereha have a republican party in senate, that wants to give amnesty and citizenship to the docka individuals, yet they want to do this inan face ot f schumer saying all i' immunity grants should
8:53 pm
get amnesty and citizenship, you have written about this country can't survive like this for long. >> it cannot, we have 50 million people not b borngh in of various statusesok you look at border, you want tot cry, it doesn't exist any more, you yell on the youron screen and say there is aer law, they are breaking the law, who? charge, there is no border, that is an impeachable offense. and what are these people doing 16,000 people, theye come in they need immediate health and legal and housing and food. subsidies who will pay for it will they be assimilated in body politic, you left brags among themselves as s destiny, we
8:54 pm
flipped nevada and california and new mexico an md now georgia, the right said this is om news, theyve say you belief t in greatt replacemenret theory, you are r racist. yoacu agree with us that demography is destiny but because it is on conservative side it is racist when you say it.e mark: you have a presidentwo who won't follow the law, and you have federal law enforce am that will not enf enforce the law. and yo u have republicans who dare not say the word impeachment with w a democrat president. this case biden. who is openly violating the constitution of the united states there is very little i that can be done aboutlitt circumstances like this. i think that is why people are so damn frustrated. victor davis hanson thank friend, you are
8:55 pm
terrific andd brilliant.. and have a wonderfulch christmaris and new year. >> thank you, same hire, here to your staff.ou mark w: god bless you. we'll be right, back. only pay for what you need. jingle: liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. (vo) businesses nationwide are switching to verizon business internet. (woman) it's a perfect fit for my small business. (vo) verizon has business internet solutions nationwide. (man) for our not-so-small business too. (vo) get internet that keeps your business ready for anything. from verizon. ♪ ♪ i see an amazing place. feels like a dream. a place of many wonders... and full of life.
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mark: welcome back america, this is first night of hanukkah and last show before christmas, i want to wish you all a fantastic hanukkah, and christmas and new year markim: this is the first nightf hanukkah and a a week until christmas. you are patriots. you come from all walks of life. all backgrounds. all roles in this country. we join here every sunday night in this national town hall meeting and i cannot thank you f enough. ththere good news is i will be g
9:00 pm
this for another four years, assuming i'm healthy enough to do it and i am assuming i willan be. we'll join together and figure out what to do about the future. in the meanwhile enjoy our family and our country."l haveif a fantastic new year and life. >> part two of the special investigation into steve: part two of you are report on the security community meddling in our elections. what action must now be taken. along with larry elder here with me in los angeles.


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